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Researching Parents and Grandparents

  Hello Farmgirl Sisters! In my last blog entry, I encouraged those who are just getting started in family research to begin by collecting information and documentation on themselves. Today I want to talk about moving on to your parents and grandparents. If you are fortunate enough to have one or both parents still living, talk to them and tell them about your interest in documenting the family tree. Ask them to share copies of their birth certificates and their marriage license. If one parent is deceased, the other should have a copy of the death certificate. Once you have those pieces of information, ask your parents to talk to you about their lives growing up and as a married couple. Make a file or folder for each parent so you can save their individual documents and other information. Trying to get people to remember details about many years of living can be difficult and a little frustrating sometimes, both for the person trying to remember those details and for the person t

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