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Rewards and Risks of Online Genealogical Research

   Hello Farmgirl Sisters! Summer is almost here! It doesn't arrive on the calendar until June 21st, but our temperatures here certainly feel like it's already started. In my last blog post, I talked about using computer software or apps to organize genealogical research. Today I'm going to go over some of the good and not so good things about using online websites for research and storing information. Before going any further, I want to say that I will be mentioning several different websites. My comments are in no way an endorsement or advertisement of these companies. I will simply speak about my experiences with them and discuss what I see as their positive and negative aspects. As I said in my last post, everyone needs to do their own study of available resources, including the online companies. Get a very clear understanding of how they work and what's expected of you if you decide to use what they offer. Thanks to the efforts across the country and around

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