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Making Royal Connections

  As Americans, we’re very proud of our Revolutionary War ancestors who successfully fought to break away from the rule of King George III. A new country was born and its inhabitants vehemently rejected any identification with a monarchy. So, when it comes to genealogy, the desire by some to find a royal ancestor in one’s family tree after all that effort to escape royal bonds is a little ironic. It has been estimated that approximately 150 million Americans today are descended from royalty. If someone tells you their great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparent was an earl, or a duchess or even a king or queen – that could definitely be true. BUT – as is always the case in genealogy, just saying it doesn’t make it so. Unless one has the documentation to prove it, it’s just a very nice story. Much of my personal research over the years has been focused on identifying my Revolutionary War ancestors, Civil War ancestors, Republic of Texas ancestors and my Acadian ances

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